The Sconce Makeover

I showed you the ugly gold sconces I bought at the thrift shop the other day for $4. Here's a picture to refresh your memory...they are the gold scrolly things on the left.

getting a coat of spray paint...

and then the final product. I think I need some little shades for these what do you think?

psst...notice the streaked glass mirror? That's another Upcycled item. Here's the before pic of the mirror.

Hope you enjoyed my thrift shop makeovers!


Tara C. Wheeler said...

The latest issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine has a mirror/frame "find" project. They painted it turquoise and gave one idea of using it as a frame for a chalkboard. I just KNEW that that was what you were up to when I saw the article! haha

Mand said...

Love these pictures. Little shades on the sconces would be so cute. Love the idea of using an old frame for a chalkboard like Tara suggested. Thanks for sharing the cool project pics.