DIY Tutorial: Paper Pom Poms Martha Stewart Style

Ok, here it is. *drumroll please* The long awaited and promised pom pom tutorial!!!! You were just waiting on the edge of your seat wasn't you? :) Anywho.....what you are going to need is. Please note: the pom created in this tutorial was made using less than 12 sheets of tissue paper so it's not as full looking.

1. extra long tissue paper (20"x30") about 12 pieces for one pom pom. You will need 12 pieces no matter how small or large you want it, the number of sheets makes the fluffiness. You can change the size of the pom pom by cutting the paper smaller. Click here to buy or see the tissue paper. Or you can buy the big sheaf of it at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. It's smaller though so the pom poms won't be as big as the biggest ones I have pictured.

2. Scissors

3. Wire to wrap around the paper and make a loop with to hang it.

4. fishing line and thumbtack to hang it.

Ok, here we go....

1. lay out 12 layers of tissue paper
2. if it's the kind from Hobby Lobby cut about 2" off the longest sides to make the paper long and narrow
3. cut notches or scallop the longest edges of the tissue paper
4. fold the paper from the shortest side (notches will be at each end of the folds) accordian style. About 1.5"-2" folds from one end to the other. Like the fans you used to make in church. ;)

5. this is what it should look like when you get it all folded
6. twist a piece of wire (5" is enough) around it and then make a loop with the excess
7. now start pulling apart the tissue paper one piece at a time. I do it in sections.
8. this is what it looks like with two sides pulled apart (front and back of one side)

9. the finished pom with all the tissue paper fluffed out. Remember, the pom created in this tutorial was made using less than 12 sheets of tissue paper so it's not as full looking.
10. the little loop hiding inside...tie your fishing line here.
11. Viola! The finished, not so fluffy pom pom. I didn't have enough tissue paper so it's not as fluffy as the others but you get the idea.

Now I wanna see your's! Get some tissue paper and get busy! It's super easy and fun and the kids like to help....if they are gentle with it. :) Happy crafting!

Here's a picture of the poms I've hung in Bree's room. The colored ones are from the MS pom kit and the white ones are some that I made.


Tara C. Wheeler said...

So, so cute.....thanks for posting!