Exciting news coming soon!!

I have some new hats and a brand new product that I've been working on for a while. Stay tuned for more details!!


Time for a new pincushion?

I think it is......the kids at our church gave me this one for Mothers Day when I was pregnant with Brandon. Almost nine years old....whew. It's been thru alot. I think I'll make me one of those cute cupcake ones....


Spring, I adore it!

Spring is God's way of apologizing for winter! :) I hope spring is headed your way too!


LAK goes Springy!!!!

I've had several people ask me about spring hats so I've done some brainstorming and here's the results. I couldn't be happier!! I'll also have the same ensemble in leopard and tangerine. Stay tuned for pics of those.

Yes.........I know...you want to see pics

of the room. I'll try to get some took tomorrow! :)


Scrap dress

I'm love with this little scrap dress. I grabbed up some odd and end pieces I had laying around and Viola......

I love it when it comes together like this. Makes sewing fun. :)



Sheesh..........I thought winter was going out. It snowed most of the day yesterday. It was pretty but I sure don't like it.....