I DID IT!!!!!!!

I alway's said I could never make a quilt because it's too time consuming.....well I couldn't find anything for Brandon's bed to match his room so I made a quilt. Now mind you I only made the quilt top and my aunt put it together and quilted it for me but so what, I actually finished something huge!! The seams don't line up and there is no rhyme or reason to it but I'm thrilled with it. I've about broke my arm patting myself on the back if you can't tell.............LOL!


Tara C. Wheeler said...

Great Job Misty!!! Would love to see the whole thing and the room. I'm so proud of you too. I'm not about to attempt that...not desperate enough. haha

Low Carb Recipes said...
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Low Carb Recipes said...

I think it's awesome!

(3rd time's a charm)


Angie said...

Very cool Misty! Can we see a pic of the whole room? :)

Beth Jeppson said...

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!
It looks fabulous. Doesn't it feel good to have it done?!?!