Still here!

Yep, we're still here waddling along. :) Doc say's he's dropped which I can tell because I can hardly walk anymore. I don't really know how much longer it will be but I've started swelling. My dh kindly tells me my backside is swelling too. :) Don't you wish they had to be pregnant just once?! I'll be working on orders today (saturday) and then I'll be taking off til after christmas. So if you've ordered/bought a hat it's coming. If I don't respond to your emails I'm probably in the hospital and will get your hat to you asap. :) Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers and emails! I feel so special to have so many people care!! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!!!


Impromptu Photo Shoot

Ok these have got to be my favorite pics that I've ever taken. Breanna had this black dress on so I asked if I could take some pics of her then Brandon changed his clothes and joined in the shoot. He is my ham! He loves to have his pics taken. Of course I enjoy that!! I don't care for the one of them together, it's so hard to get them both acting right at the same time. :)


My two kids in there Lilly Anna Kids hats....

Spreading some joy....

Just wanted to share the diaper bag I made for myself. I'm so proud of it. I even made the car seat cover to match, changing pad, wipee holder, matching blanket and I don't know what all else. It's super stiff with two layers of fusible fleece and a layer of something super stiff in each side of the bag. It has six pockets inside and three straps with snaps to hold keys, paci, rattle, etc. I'll have to take a pic of the car seat it's so cute and unique. Oh and I made the winter cover thing that keeps out the cold to match too. The challenge was the funnest part of it. :) Just wanted to share it with you.

Stocking Stuffer Sale!!!

Hey girls I've listed those hair pom poms at a special price. They are perfect for stuffing the stockings. These hair pom poms are regularly priced at 14.99-16.99. Get them while they last. You can find them here....http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZlilly*anna*kids

Thanks for all your kinds comments!! I'm going to be able to make hats for another week so if you've contacted me about a hat and I told you to email me back please do. The doctor said I can increase my activity a little so bring it on. LOL!! For those of you how don't know I'm due with baby number three (another boy) within 4-7 weeks. (I say four, doc say's 7) We never have agreed on the due date...anyway I was waiting to see what she said today and I'm ok for another week. Hurray!!! I've been on bedrest for the past week due to pre-term labor which dialated me to 3 and 30% effaced. We're going to try to keep him in for another two weeks then let him come! If your needing another hat my email is fullxmommy@yahoo.com I'll be sewing til I go into labor so if I drop off the face of the earth that is the reason. LOL!! My grandma say's I'll be sewing on something inbetween contractions which sounds like a good idea to me.


Just wanted to share this new hat I just listed. Click here to check out the auction.

Customer Cuties!!!

Just wanted to share these two cuties wearing their LillyAnnaKids hats!!

Miss Mallory

Miss Jillian

Thanks Jaime!!

Feel free to send in your childs pic wearing their LillyAnnaKids hat! Send them to fullxmommy@yahoo.com


Teasers coming....

Ok, I've got some new designs to share I just need to snap a few pics to tease you with. Right now it's dark, dreary and rainy so I'll wait til it lightens up outside. So tell me do you have any color combo's you'd like to see? I'm up for suggestions. Email them to me at fullxmommy@yahoo.com I'd love hear what you want!!

Oh and for those still waiting on their hats (two people I think) I'm finishing them today. YEAH!! I'm waiting to recieve payment from someone so I can mail them all at the same time. Keep your eyes out for them!!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!


Ok are you ready??? Let the contest begin!!!!!!!!!!!

We're now playing "Name this Hat"! Send in your suggestions for a name for this hat and the lucky winner will recieve it in their color choice FREE!! Now a couple things to keep in mind. Make sure the name applies to all color combos and will work for boys or girls. Also I'm going to keep the contest open for a week maybe longer if I need more suggestions. Get your entries turned in quick! I've got more hats to give away!!

Send them to:


Keep checking back for more hats to come!!