Pardon the virtual dust!

I'm tinkering with the blog and obviously don't know what I'm doing. :) I'll get it figure out soon, I hope. My two sisters will be joining me to help with the blogging and we've got some fun stuff coming up. I'll be having a GIVEAWAY in honor of their arrival so keep your eyes peeled. ;)



Breckan is 2!

Our little guy turned two last saturday. He has added so much to our lives (you can take that however you want). ;) He enoyed presents, cupcakes, chinese food, ice cream cake and more presents. :) Here's some pictures I took of him enoying his cupcake. He was soooo sleepy! After he ate the cupcake I gave him a bath and he went right to sleep. lol!


Chalkboard labels

How darling and wonderful are these? I absolutely love them. I'm trying to figure out which ones to get and where I will put them. I really like the big one for the refridgerator. Give me some idea's.....

Chalkboard labels


The Sconce Makeover

I showed you the ugly gold sconces I bought at the thrift shop the other day for $4. Here's a picture to refresh your memory...they are the gold scrolly things on the left.

getting a coat of spray paint...

and then the final product. I think I need some little shades for these what do you think?

psst...notice the streaked glass mirror? That's another Upcycled item. Here's the before pic of the mirror.

Hope you enjoyed my thrift shop makeovers!

DIY Tutorial: Paper Pom Poms Martha Stewart Style

Ok, here it is. *drumroll please* The long awaited and promised pom pom tutorial!!!! You were just waiting on the edge of your seat wasn't you? :) Anywho.....what you are going to need is. Please note: the pom created in this tutorial was made using less than 12 sheets of tissue paper so it's not as full looking.

1. extra long tissue paper (20"x30") about 12 pieces for one pom pom. You will need 12 pieces no matter how small or large you want it, the number of sheets makes the fluffiness. You can change the size of the pom pom by cutting the paper smaller. Click here to buy or see the tissue paper. Or you can buy the big sheaf of it at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. It's smaller though so the pom poms won't be as big as the biggest ones I have pictured.

2. Scissors

3. Wire to wrap around the paper and make a loop with to hang it.

4. fishing line and thumbtack to hang it.

Ok, here we go....

1. lay out 12 layers of tissue paper
2. if it's the kind from Hobby Lobby cut about 2" off the longest sides to make the paper long and narrow
3. cut notches or scallop the longest edges of the tissue paper
4. fold the paper from the shortest side (notches will be at each end of the folds) accordian style. About 1.5"-2" folds from one end to the other. Like the fans you used to make in church. ;)

5. this is what it should look like when you get it all folded
6. twist a piece of wire (5" is enough) around it and then make a loop with the excess
7. now start pulling apart the tissue paper one piece at a time. I do it in sections.
8. this is what it looks like with two sides pulled apart (front and back of one side)

9. the finished pom with all the tissue paper fluffed out. Remember, the pom created in this tutorial was made using less than 12 sheets of tissue paper so it's not as full looking.
10. the little loop hiding inside...tie your fishing line here.
11. Viola! The finished, not so fluffy pom pom. I didn't have enough tissue paper so it's not as fluffy as the others but you get the idea.

Now I wanna see your's! Get some tissue paper and get busy! It's super easy and fun and the kids like to help....if they are gentle with it. :) Happy crafting!

Here's a picture of the poms I've hung in Bree's room. The colored ones are from the MS pom kit and the white ones are some that I made.


I DID IT!!!!!!!

I alway's said I could never make a quilt because it's too time consuming.....well I couldn't find anything for Brandon's bed to match his room so I made a quilt. Now mind you I only made the quilt top and my aunt put it together and quilted it for me but so what, I actually finished something huge!! The seams don't line up and there is no rhyme or reason to it but I'm thrilled with it. I've about broke my arm patting myself on the back if you can't tell.............LOL!

things I love

the sign I bought at the craft fair last year that resides over my stove...

the glass Coke pitcher that I bought before we got married...almost 11 years ago....everyone loves it!

the tea towels I turned into curtains for my kitchen...

my kids playing "store" with the canned goods....

Poor Man's Steak's

Need a quick throw together meal? This is my Mom's version of Poor Man's Steaks.

Make up some hamburger patties, season and  place on a square of aluminum foil. Cut up potatoes and onions (I microwave them to get them done quicker) put them over the hamburger patties.

Douse the whole concoction with a dash of Worchestashire and Liquid Smoke.

Close the foil packets up and place in a pan with a little bit of water in the bottom. Place in the oven and cook. (not sure on the cook time or temp. probably low and slow) Enjoy!

Ps. I would have had a picture to share of the final product but dh was in a hurry to eat them so I had to take the meat out and finish cooking it in a skillet with the potatoes on top. That worked fine too.


I'm back!!

Well, I've decided to come back here to blog. I get more traffic and it just makes more sense with having a website. Duh! ;)

Getting ready for some exciting posts! What are you interested in hearing from me?