Thanks for all your kinds comments!! I'm going to be able to make hats for another week so if you've contacted me about a hat and I told you to email me back please do. The doctor said I can increase my activity a little so bring it on. LOL!! For those of you how don't know I'm due with baby number three (another boy) within 4-7 weeks. (I say four, doc say's 7) We never have agreed on the due date...anyway I was waiting to see what she said today and I'm ok for another week. Hurray!!! I've been on bedrest for the past week due to pre-term labor which dialated me to 3 and 30% effaced. We're going to try to keep him in for another two weeks then let him come! If your needing another hat my email is fullxmommy@yahoo.com I'll be sewing til I go into labor so if I drop off the face of the earth that is the reason. LOL!! My grandma say's I'll be sewing on something inbetween contractions which sounds like a good idea to me.