We're back!!!!!!!

I've just had to put the blog back like it was til I can figure out how to fix it. Meanwhile I'll leave you with a picture til I can get back for a longer post. Check out his new face....




Anonymous said...

Nice!!! Glad you're back Misty!!!

jessica said...

Hey Misty!

If you ever want to collaborate, I'd love to know. I just had an idea of funky art pieces transferred to fabrics? What do you think?

Have a super day!

Busy Momma said...


I saw your little girl and her adorable hat at my grandpa's funeral a few weeks ago, and I thought her whole outfit (and your daughter) was adorable! I was so sad that I didn't meet you & get your card. Simply Precious!

Darla (Simmons) Brown

Anonymous said...
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Misty said...

Thanks everyone!

Jessica, I'd love to talk about that!

Darla, thanks! Maybe we'll meet again at the family reunion.